Emotional foreplay is the sexual thoughts and emotions we experience and need to “get in the mood.” 

Esher Perel talks about rituals that create anticipation and how important it is to build the erotic; The more we engage in eroticism outside of the bedroom, the more the bedroom becomes simply another location for eroticism to take place.

So, in order to create the amazing physical intimacy we all want, we have to start by creating emotional intimacy!

  1. Flirting

Flirting is the easiest and simplest way to begin creating that emotional connection. It doesn’t have to be a steamy text you send your partner, it can be making each other laugh or sharing an inside joke. We often forget how important it is to still make an effort in our long term relationships and actively being cheeky, fun and flirty with our partner is absolutely part of that!

  1. Finding opportunities to touch randomly throughout the day

Small touches throughout the day can help build up the sexual tension. Something small and innocent, like grazing their arm as you pass by them,giving them a shoulder massage and caressing them, repeated throughout the day can build up into something more.

  1. Deep conversations

Create a bond on a deeper level with your partner. Talk about your dreams and goals in life, where you want to be in 5 or 10 years. Check out the Hopes & Dreams journey in Couply. Snuggle up and take it side-by-side! It especially helps figure out where you are in your relationship and being with someone who is on the same page as you can help lead to a deeper emotional connection.

  1. Spending intentional one-on-one time together

Setting aside times throughout the week to do something just the two of you, phones away and thoughtfully planned out so you can create a tighter bond in your relationship. It could be your hot selves coffee walk, hitting the spa, a picnic, doing a hike, going for a boat ride or tackling a project together. But try and make it intentional. 

When emotional intimacy is on track it can lead to a decrease in conflict, lower stress levels for both partners, more frequent physical intimacy, and heightened levels of safety and connection. Emotional foreplay is just as important, if not more, than physical foreplay!

Liked this? We have tons of interactive Intimacy themed content in the Couply app for some ideas to begin your emotional foreplay adventure.