For those in long-distance relationships, we know that sustaining the initial flames of your connection can be a challenge.

Nothing beats being together in person, but with apps like Couply, being miles apart is much more bearable. Here are 10 tips to help long-distance dating work.

1 . Work on your communication

Without the luxury of face-to-face interactions, communicating with your partner becomes an art that really matters.

There is hardly any room for non-verbal cues like cuddles or hugs, and definitely none of those quiet couple make ups in a long-distance relationship. It’s tough, and we hear you! So exercising good and direct communication with your partner is the key to making long-distance relationships work.

Sometimes, it gets tough to find new topics to connect on.

At Couply we offer offers daily conversations, much like 36 Questions that Lead to Love, which keeps you learning about each other. Understanding the way your partner wants to receive love (and how that changes once you’re in a long distance relationship) is also important.

So we’ve built the Love Style quiz which identifies your love style and offers weekly tips on applying this to your relationship. It is a great way to know how best to relay your affection and thoughts to your partner.

2. Find activities you can both enjoy together

Doing activities together is the way we learn more about our partner’s lifestyle and personality. Once you're in a long distance relationship, it’s important to keep this going. The question is how?

Start with finding a way to keep simple traditions alive as a couple. Is there a TV series up to your alley that you can watch together? Do you both enjoy morning coffee? If so, make sure you have that 20 minute morning coffee time carved out together!

Anchoring a routine to a regular activity or two that you virtually share and both enjoy, will help create rituals of connection. These small things really matter.

3. Find effective ways for conflict resolution

Handling misunderstandings over the screen might be the trickiest part of LDR. Creating a solid conflict-resolution process in advance makes your disagreements much easier to navigate. It sounds crazy right? But agreeing on the way you’re going to argue in advance is a relationship jedi move.

Knowing your partner’s conflict style is an incredible starting point with the help of a quiz you can take on Couply. Get the insight and have the conversation. From then, setting ground rules on solving conflicts is easier to do and follow.

4. Plan virtual date nights

Keeping the romance alive is possible! Planning virtual date nights is a way to reaffirm and keep the passion in the relationship. This could involve a weekend tradition, where you stream a movie together and share a glass of wine. While you’re at it, making an effort dressing up (and undressing!) is a great way to simulate a physical date too! Want extra points? Make a gift box and mail it to your partner for the date so you can share something physically - it truly is so powerful.

Couply offers long distance relationship date ideas and a create-a-date feature that makes booking this time together really special. So hit it up and see how your partner lights up!

5. Have something to look forward to together

To make long distance dating work, a shared goal of getting together face-to-face is key. This ensures that your relationship is directed towards something!

Beyond the excitement of closing to your target first meeting or next vacation trip together, setting short or long-term plans is an important form of reassurance to your partner’s place in your life.

So make sure to be on the same page with your partner and have fun along the way! You can use Couply’s milestones feature here to have an active countdown to this next moment, keeping it top of mind!

If you can survive an LDR, you can survive anything.

Buckle up! Pursuing a long distance connection isn’t easy. It requires both creativity and compromise and all available resources to your disposal.

There are positives. Try to reframe the distance as an opportunity to understand that there are many ways to feel closer to your partner, and it doesn’t have to be physical—for now! It’s not easy, but if you can survive this with your partner… you can survive anything.

Couply is here to support you! Download the app now for your Android or Apple!

Photo by Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash