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5 Ways to be more present in your relationship

Updated: Dec 1, 2019

At Couply, we are focussed on making the best app for couples with the technology available today. We understand how easy it is to get distracted and let things keep you from being your best self in your relationship.

1. Put away your cell phone.

It's the easiest thing you can do. Put yourself phone away in a drawer and look at your partner.

2. Make a plan, book something and stick to it

Make the reservation at that resturant, book a cab and have a meal together (keeping your cellphone away, instagram stories will survive without this one!). Perhaps your not feeling up to it anymore? Put you big pants on and go do spend some quality time together.

3. Take some time to clear your mind

Before you go home after that stressful day. Go take a walk and write down everything that's on your mind. Don't go in and unload on your partner or worse, keep it bottled up.

4. Bring your best self to the table

It's YOUR job to bring your best self to the relationship. Give yourself permission to take that seriously. 20 minutes thinking about something nice you can do for your loved one each day will make a huge difference.

5. What does your partner love?

Have you taken the Couply mesh test yet? It's the best way to understand your partner, how they think and what they want. It's your job to try and give your partner wonderful experiences. If you're both bringing your best selves to this, you will be in a great space.

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