It's the small things | 7 ways to make your partner happy.

Do you know that most often, it’s letting the small things slip that pulls relationships apart? The little gifts, the dates, the public displays of attention or the private displays or intimacy and passion. Our web of our romantic connection is made up of many strands and if these are not maintained they’ll slowly fade away. Keeping that web strong is what Couply is all about.

To get you going, here are some quick tips. One of these should be in your relationship each and every week and it starts with you.

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Reminisce often and fondly. Think of some romantic moments or just awesome times. This is exactly why we have the Couply memory feature. Share some special times you have had together with your partner! Some ideas; The day you met. Your first kiss. Your favourite date. A special memory that makes you smile. Why not even share one right now?

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Talk. No, really! Go beyond the surface stuff. Deep conversations, playful conversations and make that effort for a flirty conversation too. Stuck on what to start with? Check out the Daily Conversation starters we have in Couply. In the mood for something spicy? Try the Turn On Conversation cards. These can spark new understandings and enlight the way you see your partner and your shared worldview.

Give them some love. Physical affection is incredibly important in relationships. It releases Oxytocin, which is the love chemical. When was the last time you shower your partner in kisses or caressed them cuddled up? Be affectionate with your partner! Kiss them, hug them, hold their hand, and cuddle the crap out of them!

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Plan a date. This is SO key. Plan. A. Date. Just you two. Something that they will like. At Couply, we’re all about this and you’ll get a ton of customised date ideas to inspire you.These don’t have to be huge big organised dates. Simple and special works. Use the create-a-date feature and take action! This lets your partner know their special. It means they know they are important to you and it’ll give you more special memories.

Compliment them. Genuine compliments and showing gratitude are so important. Interesting fact: research shoes people underestimate the impact compliments make on their partner and incorrectly assume it's not good to give too many. So if you think you don’t need to say anything ‘because they know’, you may want to increase the compliments! This can include recognition for things that are typically ‘their job’. Even if they are the one that always takes out the trash, organises house stuff, cooks the food or is a finance organising whiz – recognize them for it!

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Surprises. We don’t mean the 100 people waiting to shout surprise (although that’s pretty awesome too) we mean the meaningful little gifts and presents just because you thought about them. Picking them up a muffin. Seeing a t-shirt or hoodie you think they'll like and buying it. Small thoughtful things mean a lot.

Understand them. Each of us are wired differently and have a different world view. Both you and your partner can see the same thing and have two totally different take aways, all depending on your personality type. There is a TON of incredible personality science out there, and we’ve distilled so much of it down in the Couply quizzes. Referencing and understanding the way you and your partner interact with the world is a huge start in becoming more deeply connected.

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