9 Valentine's Day ideas (for you to get organizing now!)

And Just like that it’s February!

Part of our job at Couply is getting you ahead of the game and to remind you, that now is the perfect time to take action to make your Valentine’s Day as special as possible.

We know it’s hard. Like us, you have a million things to worry about! Your manager is being annoying, you’ve got errands to run, the stock market is going insane, there are a thousand things on your mind.

We get it.

But, it’s important to invest in your relationship and days like Valentine’s Day are that moment to celebrate.

With just a few clicks now, you can create a wonderful memory for you and your partner. Then for the next two weeks you can rest in the knowledge that Valentine’s Day is sorted.

Here are some of our ideas for Valentine’s Day:

Flowers 🌹

Flowers are an amazing surprise any other day but Valentine’s Day is when they are expected. We spoke to Couply flower and plant expert Kelly O’Mara (@plantladyk on TikTok) who gave us the lowdown on what to get:

“12 roses is traditional, but skip the ultra long stems... they don’t last as long!

The further in advance you can order, the better! If you have time, give your local florist a call 3-5 days before Valentine’s Day to get your order set up. For people who don’t love traditional roses; ranunculus, hydrangea, lisianthus and tea roses are nice and romantic alternatives.

Also– plants are so hot right now. Consider a beautiful indoor plant; a flowering jasmine, heart shaped kerrri hoya are really nice plant gifts that last!“

You can order Valentine’s Day flowers for your partner here.

Valentines Day Card 💌

The most romantic thing isn’t the card, but the message inside. Take some time and write a long and meaningful message. If you have a family, get the kids involved too and have them add their own love notes.

Creating your own card is always the most romantic if you have time and are feeling crafty.

Alternatively, because you’re ahead of the curve, you could create an awesome custom Valentine’s Day card here.

Little Surprises through the Day 💕

Now that you’re a member of Couply, you know we love to go above and beyond. You can try and create a few special moments for your partner. Plan a few things out. A message when they wake up, a nice text in the day, pick them up that coffee or surprise them with that drink they like! That takes you into the superstar league. Want to make it special? Pick up some local sweet treats here in advance and surprise them with breakfast.

Do a food Safari for dinner 🐆

Order a selection of your favourite foods, from your favourite restaurants. They love that Lasagne and your fave is Thai? No problem, order them both! Get some desserts and swap those around too.

If restaurants are open in your area, go to one place for the main and another for dessert. Or hit up a few spots in advance for fun takeaway eats: smoothies, tacos, Jamaican patties and ice cream? Amazing. 🤤

Create your own wine and cheese and night 🧀🍷

Pick the wines and the perfect cheese pairings, including that yummy stilton to go with Port at the end. Click here to learn how to pair wine with cheese.

Looking for that elusive gift? Here are some customized gift ideas that we really like. 🎁

Your Image and Fave Song $

Something personalised and thoughtful, like this cool Spotify glass image with your photo and ‘your couple’ song on Spotify. You can get it here.

Order a Customized Wine Bottle $$$

If your partner loves a little vino, you can get them a customized wine bottle with your own photo and image underneath: Etching expressions.

An Actual Song Performed for your Beau $$$

We love idea this, create a customised song for the love of your life! Check out Songfinch here.

A special personalised gift? $$$$

We love this engravable high quality gold necklace by Mejuri.

What are your ideas for your partner this Valentine's Day? Let us know in the comments below!

The Couply team 💞

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