When in a long-term relationship, people sometimes forget to plan activities with their significant other. But a study on planning date nights found that these occasions promote closeness – especially endeavors that are slow and intimate as opposed to exciting and public. This is why we recommend just spending that "Couply Time" together!

Date nights are extremely beneficial for couples, as it is a way to bond and strengthen their relationship.

One activity that is often overlooked but can be a great date night is playing poker. This doesn’t have to be done at a casino – it can be done from the comfort of your own home or even online, if you're in a long-distance relationship. It can also serve as an inexpensive way to spend time with your partner while still having fun.

Here are just some of the reasons why poker makes for the perfect date night activity:

It’s a great way to be entertained

As mentioned earlier, poker is a fun card game that can easily entertain players for hours on end. At the end of the day, it has stood the test of time for a reason. You can keep your partner happy by playing poker because the minimum number of players is two and it can be transformed into an intimate activity. It can be played as slowly as you want, giving you both the opportunity to chat, catchup, and reminisce between hands.

There are also many different types of poker you can play to switch it up every once in a while. The Five-Card Draw is one of the most basic and popular versions, while Texas Hold'em is a classic perfect for beginners as it revolves around coming up with a good hand based solely on the flop cards.

With so many kinds of poker to choose from, you and your partner can play games for hours on end, while drinking a glass of wine or snacking on a charcuterie board.

It strengthens your bond

Playing poker for a date night is not only fun, it also helps you better understand your significant other and feel much closer to them. At its core, poker is a game of strategy. Emotional intelligence is one key mental skill in poker, as you’ll need to call out your opponent’s bluffs or anticipate their next move through their reactions. Moreover, playing poker will teach you to better handle your emotions — especially when things don’t always go your way.This sense of strength and resilience are important to have for the difficult situations you may face as a couple. You will have the chance to better understand how your partner might react and adjust accordingly during hard times.

You and your significant other can also learn from your mistakes and figure out how to better work against individual weaknesses. Poker can highlight attributes such as impulsiveness and irritability, so knowing whether or not you and your partner have these traits will strengthen your bond — and you can work through these flaws together.

It can be played anytime and anywhere

Online poker has risen in popularity in recent years. Nowadays there is an estimated 100 million active players playing online that span international waters. For couples that can’t physically be together, playing through a digital platform can be a good way to spend time with each other, despite the distance limitations. Many platforms also allow user cameras to show during matches so you will be able to see your significant other while you play!

There are also many mobile apps that let you play against loved ones without having to bet or spend real money. These platforms are perfect for when you just want a chill night in with your partner.