What does Couply do?

Couply helps people build incredible relationships that last forever!

We do this by improving understanding, deepening communication and giving you personalized insights and uniquely customized date ideas that match your partner’s personality. 

Features include:

💭 Answer an array of fun, deep and interesting questions
🔮 Deepen understanding through personality quizzes
🏄🏻 Get fun date ideas your partner will love
🎲 Games that will spark conversation
📰 Custom articles based on you and your partner’s personality 
🎓 Access to expert-led courses in Couply that you can take any time
❣️ Reminders anniversaries and birthdays
📅 A simple date planner that merges with your calendars
📸 A photo journal for all your date memories
💌 Love Notes, to show your partner you care

Who should use Couply?

Couply is for people who want to build an incredible relationship that lasts forever. 
Typically we see three types of people engaging with Couply;

1- Couples who continue to invest in their amazing relationship.
You're in a happy, amazing relationship and you want to deepen the foundations of what makes it so amazing so you can keep this feeling forever.

Relationships are a lot like a boat. You have to constantly maintain them to stay afloat! Most of our users are in fulfilled relationships and they want to capture the magic and make sure things stay that way for the long haul.

Couply does that in a fun, deep, sexy and intimate way. 

2- Couples who want to improve their relationship.
Things don’t stay the same, all people are evolving, our circumstances change and it’s natural your relationship will change too. 

If you’re in a relationship and have started to sense that shift, where things are starting to go off-track; Couply is the perfect app to help get you re-aligned.  

3- Couples who want to rebuild their relationship.
You feel like you need a fresh start.  Perhaps you've realized that the old ways of creating your relationship (yes, It's an always-on active process!) aren't working and you're looking to reset, throw out the old ways and reforge some new ways of being together. You want to commit to re-discovery and begin again.

To quote one of our community: After two weeks of using Couply, I discovered new things about my wife of 20 years.

My partner won’t use Couply.

The temptation here is to try and convince your partner to "do Couply", which tends not to work. People hate feeling forced, or pressured and especially if they struggle to share how they feel or feel like this is some kind of a trap for proving they suck as a partner.

We know that's not what Couply is about – but that's typically people's primary concern.

What we've seen work really well is using the features on Couply to spark conversations between you both and then see if that opens them up to joining you in the app.

So, take some of the quizzes and talk with your partner about your answers. Show them your results and discuss what you think theirs will be.

Ask them the daily couples questions in person or on the phone and get their response.

Play the Couples games together, yes, they work just as well in person!

If your partner is enjoying this then they will likely be open to linking up with you in Couply and seeing their own results, getting fun custom date ideas, couples quizzes, relationship reminders and all the awesome features that show up in the Couply app once you and your partner link.

How much does Couply cost?

We’ve tried to make Couply pricing as affordable as possible; less than one therapy session for each year of powerful personality quizzes, thought-provoking, fun and intimate questions, expert-led courses and more in each end every iteration of Couply!

Currently our annual price is $69.99 USD + taxes which includes both you and your partner. This works out to $2.91 a month, per person. Extremely affordable.

The price of this will go up as the value of Couply grows. 

We’ve also priced Couply specifically for each geo and often tweak pricing – so please open up Couply in your local app store here to view your pricing. 

We don’t do promotions offers, discounts or sales at this time, so what you see will be the best price you get.

If you're in tough financial circumstances and truly can't afford Couply premium but feel like you need it please email us here and let us know.

If you're a relationship professional and would like to use Couply Premium we'd love to be in touch, please email us here.