If you haven’t seen it yet, Bridgerton is the steamy and fun Netflix show of Regency England love and drama! The show is made by the great Shonda Rhimes who brought you Grey’s Anatomy, so get ready for all the feels. In Bridgerton we are taken on a fun adventure from the ballrooms and drawing rooms of Regency England as we meet several powerful families who vy for perfect match-ups and love.

Here are our Bridgerton inspired date ideas.

Promenade around the most fancy neighborhood.

To walk, and most importantly be seen walking is the very essence of Promenading. So dress in your  best, secure a coffee and take a walk around the finest streets your area has to offer. Critique the mansions aloud with your partner; “I do feel it would be rather better if they added another wing,” “It’s very nice, but far too small,” “It’s wonderful they tried, but unfortunately the colour is all wrong,”. If the owners hear, we are sure they’ll recover.

Attend a lavish ball

Whilst “The Season,” is still very much a real thing in the UK. There are annual black-tie events all over the world and more than likely some in your local area. Once they are back on, don your tux or cocktail dress and be seen in society, supporting your favourite local cause or charity. They are a wonderful night out and a great way to meet people in your community!

Visit a botanical garden and garden maze

Courting a fine regency lady or gentlemen means of course, acting in the highest decorum. Taking your love for a spin around a botanical garden is a perfectly respectable date, providing many talking points of the flora and fauna as well as the opportunity to get lost in some nooks and crannies of the garden maze.

Go for high tea or make your own.

Is there anything more wonderfully Bridgerton that enjoying high tea? Here are a list of places near you that offer high tea. Alternatively, if local lockdowns have made that impossible. Host your own high tea, with scones, cream, jam and cucumber sandwiches.

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