For this date idea we want you and your partner to channel your mutual love for gardening into this plant-astic date!

This date idea involves planting a perennial together, which will symbolize your love for each other and serve as a beautiful reminder of your bond for years to come. 

To kick things off, you might want to research some perennials together. If you are unfamiliar with perennials, these plants have the amazing ability to bloom for years to come! Depending on your location, you need to pick a perennial that is suitable for your zone (or else it will die, EEK!). Spend some time looking at different options and deciding on the perfect plant to fit your style and preference. Do you want a more classic style like a peony or rose? Are you feeling a little more unique, like the beautiful bleeding heart? 

Of course, the decision is yours, but some romantic perennial options could include:

  • Red Rose
  • Bleeding Heart 
  • Iris
  • Peony 

After you have some ideas, it’s time to hit your local greenhouse! Make sure when you are at the greenhouse you seek out their perennial expert and be ready to ask questions! They will give you tips based on your zone, the amount of sun exposure in your planting area, and overall care tips to help your perennial thrive. Even if you are a pro gardener, it can be beneficial to have some insight from another person! Enjoy the aisles of greenery, taking in the sights and smells! Enjoy your time together as a couple as you pick out your plant. 

Once you have found the perfect plant, take the time to envision it in your garden, blooming for years to come. The fun part is planting your perennial together! Find the perfect pot in your yarn that gets adequate sunlight. Dig a hole together and plant your perennial. Make sure you give it a good watering once it’s situated! And Voila! A beautiful reminder of your love. After planting, the work isn’t done yet. The most important task is caring for your planting in the coming weeks, months, and years. Making sure it gets enough water and nutrients.

Much like your relationship, which you must take extra care to nurture and care for. When your plant blooms, you can take the time to admire its beauty as a couple and let it serve as a reminder of your love for each other. 

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