A cozy night in with your significant other is the perfect opportunity to get a little tipsy, let loose, and engage in some lighthearted couple bonding! While cuddling up to binge Netflix is great, mixing up your at-home date nights with some fun drinking games can take your quality time together to a whole new level of excitement and intimacy.

Drinking games are a great way to spice things up, learn more about each other, get competitive, embarrass yourselves, and end up having plenty of laughs you'll reminisce about for years to come. Of course, indulge responsibly and stay safe. But equipped with some alcoholic beverages of choice and this list of lively games built for two, you and your sweetheart are sure to have a blast!

Benefits of Playing Drinking Games as a Couple

Here are some benefits of playing drinking games as a couple:

1. Brings out your playful sides

Drinking games allow you to let loose, be silly, and tap into your childlike fun. This can strengthen your bond.

2. Encourages laughter

The ridiculousness of drinking games leads to plenty of hysterical moments and inside jokes that will have you laughing together.

3. Lowers inhibitions

A little liquid courage helps you open up more and share things you might normally hold back.

4. Sparks competition

Friendly competition and teamwork with games builds camaraderie and brings you closer.

5. Creates intimacy

Lowered inhibitions combined with the vulnerability of drinking leads to deeper conversations and sensual foreplay.

6. Brings excitement

Trying new things together turns up the passion and thrills in your relationship.

7. Makes memories

The silly moments and antics of your drinking games will become cherished memories you laugh about for years.

8. Fosters communication

You'll often learn new things about each other during the revealing conversations inspired by drinking games.

9. Provides relaxation

Drinks and games help you unwind, destress, and fully enjoy quality time together.

In moderation, drinking games are a fun way for couples to get playful, competitive, and intimate. The special moments they create will strengthen your connection.

Classic Drinking Games Made for Couples

Never Have I Ever

This game is a classic for a reason! The concept is simple - take turns saying something you've never done, and if your partner has done it, they have to take a drink. You'll uncover plenty of secrets and previously unknown facts about each other. Things can get pretty hilarious and risqué!

To get started, grab some drinks and sit facing each other. Take turns making "Never have I ever..." statements. For example:

  • Never have I ever been arrested
  • Never have I ever been caught checking someone out
  • Never have I ever sexted a crush
  • Never have I ever cheated on an exam
  • Never have I ever gone commando

You can start off innocently and get more daring and scandalous as the game goes on! Keep playing until one or both of you end up sufficiently tipsy.

Truth or Drink

Truth or Drink adds a juicy twist to truth or dare, with drinks involved! Take turns asking each other tough, embarrassing, or very personal questions. If someone doesn't want to answer, they take a drink instead.

Come prepared with scandalous questions like:

  • What's the craziest place you've had sex?
  • How many people have you slept with?
  • Have you ever faked an orgasm with me?
  • What's your biggest turn on?
  • What's one sexual act you refuse to do?

The risqué questions really get the honesty flowing! You'll learn intimate details about each other and unpack emotional topics as you get more and more comfortable. Open communication and raucous laughter are guaranteed.

Drunk Jenga

Jenga, but for adults! Write different prompts, challenges, or questions on each wooden block. When you pull a block, you have to do whatever it says.

Sample ideas to put on blocks:

  • Take 2 drinks
  • Remove an article of clothing
  • Massage your partner's shoulders for 1 minute
  • Reveal your first impression of your partner
  • Give a hickey somewhere hidden
  • Dance without music for 30 seconds

Pull the blocks back and forth until the tower crashes down! Do the actions, get silly, and let the drinks keep flowing. This build-and-tumble game always leads to serious amusement.

Flip Cup

Flip cup combines dexterity, speed, and drinking! Fill cups halfway with beer and arrange them in a line on a table. Partners face each other on either side of the cups. Take turns quickly drinking the entire beer in your cup, placing it upside down on the table, and trying to flip it so it lands upright. Once you've succeeded, it's your partner's turn. The first team to finish flipping all their cups wins!

This fast-paced game gets very intense! Chug that brew as fast as you can to flip your cup and pass it on. Get ready to feel buzzed in the name of some friendly competition!

Movie or TV Show Themed Games

Drunk Karaoke

Pick songs from your favorite musicals or Disney movies! Belt out the ballads and rock out to power anthems, taking a drink before each song. You'll butcher the notes and slur the words, but you'll have a fantastic time performing silly duets. Ideal for any couples' karaoke night.

Drunk History

One partner gives an energetic, melodramatic retelling of an historical event, royalty, or figure. Of course, they take a shot first, so the story descends into ridiculous drunkenness. The other partner has to guess what actual history the sloshed story is based on! Educational, absurd, and bound to leave you in hysterics.

Drunk Harry Potter

This Harry Potter themed game is perfect for wizard-loving couples! Battle it out by asking each other HP trivia questions. No matter who gets it right or wrong, you both have to take a drink before each new question. How many answers can you get correct before the drinks make it all go wonky?

Drunk Friends

Name that Friends character! Take turns saying quotes from the iconic show, doing your best impersonation. Your partner guesses who said it. Whether they get it right or wrong, you both drink! A fun way to reminisce about your favorite Friends scenes and jokes.

Drunk Shark Tank

For this game, you and your partner pretend to be went entrepreneurs pitching ridiculous made-up products to the Shark Tank cast! Take a shot, get your salesperson mode on, and try to sell the investors on your goofy invention. Talk profits, use jargon, and roleplay negotiation. Your partner acts as the dubious billionaire investors shooting holes in your business. Take another drink and reverse roles!

Active Drinking Games

Drunk Obstacle Course

Design a homemade obstacle course throughout your home using furniture and household items! Include challenges like crab walking under a broom stick limbo bar, crawling under a table, spinning around a bat 10 times then running to finish. Time each other to compete, taking drinks at each station. Expect lots of stumbling, falling, and messy fun!

Dizzy Bat Race

A race with a twist! Face each other and place a baseball bat vertically on the floor. Rest your forehead on the top of the bat. Spin around the bat 10 times, then race dizzily to a finish line! First to tag the wall and run back without falling wins. Loser takes a drink. Warning: this game guarantees everything will be spinning!

Drunk Limbo

A classic game just for grown-ups! Take turns shimmying underneath a horizontal pole lowered gradually. If you make it under without touching the pole or falling, your partner drinks. But if you hit the pole or fall, you have to drink up! See how low the pole can go before you end up wobbling and toppling over.

Drunk Twister

The classic game with a buzzed twist! Spread out the mat and have someone spin the wheel, calling out hands and feet placements. When you inevitably fall or collapse in a tangle, drink up, then switch places. Getting compromised by all those drinks will make this game even more challenging and giggle-inducing.

Beer Pong

This undisputed drinking game classic involves tossing a ping pong ball across a table into cups of beer lined up on the other side. You and your partner take turns trying to sink shots. If the ball lands in a cup, your partner has to drink that beer. First team to clear all their cups wins! As skills decline with each drank cup, this game gets very amusing.

Card and Board Game Inspired

King's Cup

King's cup is simple, rowdy, and lots of perilous fun! Arrange a deck of cards in a circle around a cup filled with an ominous mixed drink. Go through the deck drawing one card at a time. Each card has a rule associated with it, like "waterfall" for chugging your drinks or "thumbmaster" to secretly control drinking. When the last king card is pulled, the unlucky person has to chug the nasty king's cup drink! What better way to get the party started?

Drunk Jenga

As mentioned earlier, drunk Jenga is perfect for spicing up your couple's night! Write silly prompts, challenges, and questions on each wooden block before play. Take turns pulling blocks from the tower and doing what they command. Things start off tame, but quickly escalate as the tower gets precarious and drinks flow. No matter how the tower tumbles, laughter and connection abound!

Drunk Monopoly

Pass go...and take a shot! The classic real estate board game gets an intoxicating twist. Add house rules like: drink for paying rent, chug when sent to jail, finish your drink when you pass go, etc. With drinks in the mix, the competition and frustrations of Monopoly become riotous and amusing! You'll be begging for a get out of jail free card.

Drunk Uno

Everyone's favorite fast-paced card game, made better with drinking! Deal the cards and play as normal, but add rules like drink for drawing cards, drink for skipping someone, drink when picking up a certain color, etc. It will be increasingly hard to match colors and avoid picking up cards the drunker you get! Fun, lively, and sure to spark your competitive edge.

Interactive Video Game Style

Drunk Mario Kart

Set up Mario Kart on your TV and indulge in this classic game with a wicked twist. Every time you crash, drive off the road, or fall off Rainbow Road, you have to take a drink! This makes races hilariously challenging as you steadily get more wasted. Includes lots of yelling, controller throwing, and undoubtedly raucous belly laughs all around.

Drunk Can Jam

For this game, set up trash cans a short distance apart and take turns tossing crushed cans into them. Each time you make it in, your partner has to drink. If you miss, you drink instead! Test your skills while getting silly. Alternate shooting styles - behind the back, trick shots, bounce shots, etc. Get ready for epic dunks!

Drunk Detective

Put your sleuth skills to the test in this murder mystery style game! One partner plans clues and mysteries around the house for the detective partner to solve, like a scavenger hunt. They find clues, unravel riddles, examine evidence and interrogate suspects (inanimate objects!) to solve the case...all while getting progressively drunker, of course! Immerse yourselves in an exciting night of intrigue.

Flirty Foreplay Games

Strip Tease

This steamy game is sure to crank up the passion! Take turns picking songs for each other. As your partner's song plays, they have to do an erotic strip tease. The saucier the dance, the better! Get those hips swinging, lose a few layers, and stop just short of showing it all.

Sexy 20 Questions

Take turns thinking of words related to sex - body parts, acts, toys, etc. Your partner asks yes or no questions trying to guess the word. If they fail to guess in under 20 questions, you get to make a special sensual request! Try creative naughty words to really test your lover.

Guess the Position

One partner assumes a sexual position, while the other remains facing away with eyes closed. The first gives tempting clues until their lover guesses what frisky position they're in! Take a sensual shot together, switch places, and arouse those inhibitions!

Additional Ideas

Of course, drinking games are only fun within sensible limits - stay safe, hydrate, and don't overindulge. Always make sure you have reliable transportation home or that you're already cozy in your home. With that said, here are a few extra ideas to mix and match for endless nights of drinks and laughs:

  • Drunk baking - take shots while cooking together!
  • Drunk karaoke - belt out duets and ballads
  • Drunk drawing - sketch silly portraits of each other
  • Drunk LEGO building competitions
  • Drunk puzzles - see if you can assemble pieces after drinks
  • Drunk science experiments - get tipsy and do hands-on chemistry!
  • Drunk yoga - test flexibility and endurance while intoxicated

Let your creativity run wild! Any classic game can be made "drunk" with the right boozy twist. The laughs, memories, and closer connection will make game nights your new favorite couple tradition. Just try not to wake the neighbors with your raucousness! Drink up, partner.