Has this ever happened to you? You and your partner are sitting down to dinner after a long day. Things are nice and comfortable, but maybe a little too comfortable. The conversation goes something like:

"How was your day?"


"Yeah, me too."

**awkward silence**

While routines can provide stability, they can also lead to ruts in our conversations and connections. A little playfulness and humor go a long way in keeping a relationship feeling fresh, fun, and dynamic.

So let's shake up the boring "how was your day?" routine and bring more laughter into your lives.

1. Icebreakers with a Twist

Here are some hilarious icebreaker games with a romantic twist:

Would You Rather?

- Would you rather have to eat broccoli at every meal, or wear the same outfit for a week straight?

- Would you rather I spoil your favorite show's ending, or sing all my words for a day?

- Would you rather I plan a surprise romantic weekend or let you plan one for me?

Truth or Dare (Couples Edition)

- Truth: What's the most embarrassing thing I've ever caught you doing?

- Dare: Write me a silly, over-the-top love poem and recite it dramatically

- Dare: Do your best impression of me ordering my favorite meal

Never Have I Ever (for Couples)  

- Never have I ever...walked in on my parents by accident

- Never have I ever...gotten pulled over for speeding on a date

- Never have I ever...had an argument over leaving the toilet seat up/down

If you're looking for some dirty ones, read here: 69 Dirty Never Have I Ever Questions

The twists of making the games partner-specific, with silly questions, dares, and truths all about your relationship, keeps things playful. Sharing funny stories and moments creates inside jokes to bond over. And the silly impressions or love poems push you both to be vulnerable in a humorous way. Overall, these turn classic icebreakers into hilarious couples' activities.

2. Hilarious Hypothetical Scenarios

Here are some hilarious hypothetical scenarios you can ask each other:

• If you could swap bodies with your pet for a day, what would you do?

• If animals could talk, which animal would be the rudest?

• We win the lottery: a mansion with secret passages or a tropical island with robot bartenders?

• If you were a hot dog, what toppings would you put on yourself? (I'd go classic with mustard and relish.)

• What would our superhero names be and what ridiculous superpowers would we have?

• If you had to choose a superpower but the first person to respond gets to give you a lame side effect, what would it be?

• You gain the ability to talk to animals, but only while making silly sound effects. What does that conversation sound like?

• I'm a world-famous chef. What absurd dish do I make that becomes my signature meal?

• An alien race makes you the spokesperson for humans, but you can only describe our species using puns and dad jokes. Go!

• We get to add one useless room to our home for fun. You design the most frivolous single-purpose room ever.

• If we wrote a ridiculous self-help book, what would the title and basic premise be?

• You have to insert a dance break into our everyday activities. During what mundane task would it be most hilarious to bust a move?

• We're writing a sitcom about our lives. What's our show called and what harebrained plot line kicks off the pilot episode?

3. Playful Provocation:

Here are the playful provocations you can ask each other:

• Finish the sentence with the first funny thing that comes to mind: "The last time I laughed so hard..."

• What's the most embarrassing or ridiculous thing you've ever done on a date with me?

• If our relationship was a sitcom, what would the wacky premise and title be? Bonus points for a harebrained pilot episode plot.

• You're hosting a gameshow and I'm the awkward contestant - what are the bizarre challenges you put me through to win prizes?

• We get sent back in time and have to blend in, but can only communicate through cheesy pick-up lines and dad jokes. Give me your best one.

• You wake up with a new random superpower every day. What's the lamest possible power you could get and how would you try to take advantage of it?  

• Rapid fire: Say the first funny thing that comes to mind - favorite flavor of ice cream, most embarrassing childhood memory, go-to dance move, spirit animal...keep 'em coming!

• If you could only eat one meal every day for the rest of your life, what would it be? I bet I can guess what you'll pick!

• Is a hot dog a sandwich? Defend your position! This one got heated between me and my partner.

• What's the weirdest food combo you secretly enjoy? I won't judge, I promise!

• If you had to wear one Halloween costume for an entire year, what would you choose? Which costume would you dare me to wear daily?

• What's your hottest take about a popular TV show or movie we disagree on? Convince me why you're right!

• What food do you think you could beat me in an eating contest with? Bring it on!

• Would you rather give up bathing for a month or give up the internet for a month? Plead your case!

• What movie trope or cliché drives you craziest? Vent to me about it!

4. Memory Lane with a Laugh:

Here are some prompts to take a silly stroll down memory lane together:

• What's the weirdest or most bizarre inside joke between us and how did it even get started?

• What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

• What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever done?

• What show or cartoon from your childhood still holds up today? (I still love Spongebob on a daily.)

• Remember that time when... (Retell an embarrassing, ridiculous, or just plain funny shared experience you both went through and reminisce).

• If we could go back and relive one hilariously awkward moment from our dating history, which one would it be and why? How would we handle it differently?

• What's the most cringe-worthy gift or gesture one of us has ever made towards the other early in our relationship?

• If we could go back in time and replace one of our early dates with something silly and carefree, what would the new date be?

• We're writing a roast of each other - recount your most embarrassing or absurd dating behaviors, quirks, and stories from when we first met.

• What's the most embarrassing fashion trend or hairstyle you totally rocked when we first met?

• What's the cringiest song you used to love dancing to? Please reenact some moves for me!

• Tell me about the most ridiculous fight or disagreement we had when we were first dating.

• What food did you try to impress me with early on in our relationship that totally failed?

• What's the funniest or most chaotic trip or vacation we took together in our younger years?

• Walk me through the awkward first time you met my family or friends. What were your first impressions?

• What's the funniest gift you ever gave me during our first few anniversaries that totally missed the mark?

• Tell me about a time you really embarrassed yourself in front of me early in our relationship. I promise I've forgotten!

Taking a fun look back allows you to laugh together at memorable silly moments. Reliving inside jokes and awkward experiences bonds you further. And poking fun at yourselves and dating pasts keeps things light and shows you don't take things too seriously. A good laugh over past absurdities is priceless bonding.

5. Inside Jokes & Challenges:

Here are some more funny conversation starter ideas involving inside jokes and challenges for couples:

• Make tongue twisters using each other's names and see who can say them fastest without messing up.

• Bad pickup lines anyone? Let's see who can come up with the cheesiest, most cringe-worthy one.

• Give each other funny compliments that are more about personality than physical appearance.

• Create a Mad Libs story about your relationship using funny or unexpected words.

• Have a funny walk-off where you take turns strutting around in ridiculously made-up runway walks, and judge/critique each other's "modeling."

• Create imaginary backstories for strangers you see in public and share the hilarious narratives.

• Dare each other to ask for silly, nonexistent items at restaurants or stores, like "Do you have Kanye's new album on vinyl?"

• Two truths and a lie, GO! (This gets people thinking creatively and playfully about silly life stories)

• Invent alternate meanings for existing emoji, like the eggplant now means "I just ate a whole pizza." See if you can work them into texts.

• What's your go-to dance move that's sure to clear the floor?

• What's the worst job you've ever had?

• Do your best impressions of celebrities and I'll guess who it is

Sharing inside jokes and issuing funny challenges gives couples plenty of laughs while strengthening intimacy and imagination. Don't be afraid to get delightfully weird! The key is being playful, a little silly, and not taking things too seriously. Get creative, make each other laugh, and you never know - that humor could be the start of something special!

Laughter truly is the best medicine, especially for relationships. Keeping your sense of humor alive with your partner is so important. Hopefully, these funny conversation starters gave you some fun ideas to try.

Now it's your turn to get silly strengthening your bond. Try out some of these prompts and let me know how it goes or what other funny conversations you come up with. I'd love to hear your stories or learn new prompts from you to try with my partner. After all, there's nothing better than laughing so hard with your loved one that your face hurts. Here's to keeping humor and playfulness thriving in your relationship! 💕