The Rise of an Intellectual Social Media Star

Have you ever stumbled across a TikTok video that left you mesmerized? I think we can all appreciate that magic of finding a great content creator who gets us hooked. 

Macken Murphy’s videos hit a sweet spot of being original, engaging and informative. In an era where quality content reigns supreme, Macken Murphy has seen a quick rise to fame through his originality and charisma. 

Who is Macken Murphy?

Macken Murphy is a 26-year-old scientist who has a Master of Science degree in cognitive and evolutionary anthropology at the University of Oxford, as well as being a respected content creator, accomplished amateur boxer, published writer, and host of his podcast: Species. 

Before finding TikTok fame, Macken was the host of Species, which was one of the most popular science podcasts in the world and recommended by the BBC and New York Times.

Since then, Macken is also the host of the Listenable audio course on Human Evolution, which has ranked as one of Listenable’s most popular courses. If this wasn't enough, Macken has also served in the Americorps where he helped teach science at an underserved middle school. 

Macken Murphy on TikTok

Macken Murphy didn’t just ride the TikTok wave; he became a trendsetter in his own right.

Macken blew up on TikTok from his first video, “Three Signs They Will Cheat on You,”” which went absolutely viral. 

The video dove into why people actually cheat and what signs are there to know your partner is cheating, his TikToks are so informative and reliable because everything he says is meticulously research-driven—Macken is famous for quoting hundreds of studies in his videos.

Want warning flags? Macken let his TikTok audience look out for warning signs of infidelity, including: tech secrets, a new look or vanity, and avoiding speaking about a specific person, which can all be cheating red flags.

Macken Murphy Boxing Record

Macken Murphy in the Boxing Ring

But Murphy is not just about digital entertainment. Before academia, Macken was an amateur boxer, and an incredibly successful one at that.

Macken won a New England championship by first round KO as well as competing in the Golden Gloves twice. His passion for boxing showcases a different side of him – disciplined, focused, and strong. His journey in the boxing ring is as compelling as his viral videos. 

Have a watch here of a clip from Macken’s YouTube page of him at only 16 years old with a 26-year old-opponent; even at a young age, Macken’s energy had him ahead of everyone else, getting him in the ring with someone 10 years older than him.

Macken Murphy at Oxford

The New Breed of Male Intellectual Influencers

Macken Murphy on The Coffee Breakup Podcast

Macken has made strides academically at Oxford. Juggling studies, a growing twitter audience, and a podcast, he embodies the essence of the modern male intellectual influencer. 

At Oxford, Macken completed an MSc with the highest possible mark, as well as publishing his first book. Macken used his continuously growing knowledge and strong balance abilities to venture head first into the social media world. 

He provided content that reached so many different areas of interest which drove his audience up constantly.

Macken Murphy Reddit and YouTube 

If interaction is one of the keys of mastering in the digital world, Murphy excels at fostering comment section conversation on platforms like Reddit and YouTube. 

Scroll through his TikToks and you’ll often see him scrapping it out in the comment section!

Macken on YouTube

Macken’s YouTube videos are short and educational, he speaks on all relationship queries and on men and women in relationships, answering all questions people could have on their relationships, attractions and themselves. 

His most popular video is “Men age like wine?” and let's admit it we would all immediately click on that! 

Macken Murphy's Height, Weight and Relationships

Often, fans are curious about the personal dimensions of their favorite influencers. For Murphy, his height and relationship status have become topics of interest. 

While Macken is in a relationship, his private life seems to be very private. All we know is his girlfriend is currently studying for her PhD at Oxford, and from his Instagram, we can see that they have just celebrated their 2 year anniversary. So it's safe to say all his relationship advice can work well! 

Macken Murphy is 6 foot 1 inches tall, but the obsession with the internet knowing his height may be due to his Tiktok videos “Men Care about Height, Too,” and  “Strength Beats Height” and “Why are Women Obsessed with a Men’s Height,” these videos gain listeners interest in not only the information but naturally about the speaker too. 

Macken weight is approx 200 lbs and from doing some detective work comparing older videos, it looks like he is adding a lot of muscle to his previously lean boxer’s frame.

Tbh, this didn’t surprise me as he does give tall guy vibes!!

Macken Murphy Podcast Tour

Macken has been recorded as a guest for some of the largest podcasts in the world including Lewis Howes School of Greatness and Chris Williamson's #3 ranked podcast in the world, Modern Wisdom.

Macken Murphy on Lewis Howes School of Greatness

Recently, Macken was spotted in Los Angeles recording an episode on one of the world’s most listened to podcasts, Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness which will be released soon. 

School of Greatness is one of the biggest podcasts in the world with over 500 million downloads. The School of Greatness podcast focuses on interviews with incredible world-class game changers in entrepreneurship, health, mindset, and relationships.

Lewis Howes is the host, who is a growth mindset expert and New York Times bestselling author, former athlete and one of the most recognizable podcast costs in the world.

Macken joins a litany of amazing guests like Esther Perel, Kobe Bryant and many more. 

Macken Murphy on Chris Williamson’s Modern Wisdom 

Chris Williamson’s Modern Wisdom is known as one of the best and most cinematic podcasts in the world.

With 500M downloads Chris Williamson has built an incredible audience with a focus on relationships, evolutionary psychology, human behavior, sales, relationships and mindset. 

This January, Macken traveled to Austin, Texas to film Modern Wisdom hosted by Chris Williamson.

On the ex-Redpill Reddit, Chris Williamson and Macken Murphy have named as content creators of reverse-redpilling and debunking of the Manosphere, along with Alex Datepsych and William Costello as research-based growth and relationship alternatives to internet characters like Fresh n Fit and Andrew Tate.  


Macken Murphy on Chris Williamson's Modern Wisdom

Macken Murphy Discount

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Macken Murphy’s Own Podcast: Species

The Macken Murphy Podcast is another feather in his cap, featuring trending topics and influential guests. It's not just a podcast; it's a platform where voices are heard, and stories are shared. Species has been recommended by both Apple and BBC’s Wildlife magazine, the podcast about animals has so quickly become a phenomenon of education, science, animals, fun, connectivity and a gripping listen to be merged into one podcast. The New York Times said “Macken Murphy is able to condense vast chunks of information into engaging and digestible episodes. 

Species The Podcast’s Success Story

The most popular podcasts are ‘Bearded Dragon, ‘Guinea Pig’ ‘How Love Evolved’ and ‘Parasitic Jaeger’. His podcast on bearded dragons discusses why beards evolved, in bearded dragons and in us, he also discusses if bearded dragons changing sex will decimate the species. 

I myself am not massive into animal shows and informative videos but that is so incredibly interesting I just had to give it a listen, he has such an incredible way of broaching real informative topics while making it all sound so appealing and interesting to anyone. 

His successful podcast on how love evolved was with Dr. Helen Fisher, a world leading expert on romantic love on his many TED talks on love, cheating, the science of love, technology and love and the brain in love makes her the perfect person for this podcast. 

Macken and Helen discuss how love has evolved and the three different kinds of love and just how to use them to improve our romantic lives for the better.

Macken Murphy and Couply App

Macken is an official expert for Couply app, helping the app with research-driven content around relationships and behavioral science.

Macken Murphy hosts questions in the Couply app and is supporting the app in creating the State of Relationships research for 2024. 

What’s Next for Macken Murphy?

So what’s next for Macken Murphy? Macken is now appearing as a guest on so many podcasts, giving his insights on human mating, relationship advice and knowledge. 

Macken’s constant and unbroken posting on his TikTok, Instagram and Twitter is what’s pushing his amazing content to more audiences daily. Macken Murphy's story is far from over. All I know is if Macken keeps producing fascinating and knowledgeable videos at the rate that he is then he is only going to get bigger. 

As he continues to evolve and expand his horizons, one thing remains certain - he will keep inspiring, entertaining, and educating, one post, one punch, and one podcast at a time. 


How did Macken Murphy start his journey on TikTok?

Mackens oldest video up is from December 2022, where he really caught everyone's attention with the video starting off with “I wrote my masters dissertation at Oxford on infidelity.”” I mean who isn't going to continue watching that video! He continuously posted interesting and eye-catching videos on his TikTok, consistency really is key on TikTok so mixed with his informative content – he smashed it.

What makes Macken Murphy stand out in the boxing community?

Macken Murphy always stood out in the boxing community as he was very young when he started fighting adults. 

Macken always boxed professionally and well, giving him good standing in the boxing community.

What subjects does Macken Murphy study at Oxford?

Macken Murphy has a Masters of Science degree in cognitive and evolutionary anthropology at the University of Oxford.

How does Macken Murphy interact with his fans on Reddit and YouTube?

Macken is incredibly interactive with his fans, his comment sections on his youtube videos are filled with questions and praise from his fans and he is right in there with them! Responding to his fans praise and questions, being interactive with everyone has created a strong community for Macken.

What can listeners expect from the Macken Murphy Podcast?

Listeners can expect an abundance of information all condensed into one podcast, the podcasts are about animals and are super informative and educational while also fun and engaging. The videos are all on different animals and different questions and queries in the animal world, his podcasts include amazing guests that have an extra view and a speciality on his podcast topics. 

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