Looking for the #BestInstaWorthyDate?

Scroll no further!

Instagram is the perfect place to document your love! Now if you both scored over 50% on the Compatibility Quiz (If you have not yet taken the quiz, you can download the Couply app and take the "Liked by an Instagrammer" course) then picking any one of the options we have listed for you below will be sufficient. Just pick one from your Style of choice and you’ll be set. However, if you and partner scored below 50% then you two might want to spend some more time picking an option you can see yourselves both enjoying.

Remember, the actual purpose of this activity isn’t to go out just so you can post about it, it’s to spend some quality time together which may result in some pictures. So happy selecting and we hope your date together gets all the heart emojis it deserves! 

The Foodie

Dress up fancy and try a new restaurant together.

Create an aesthetic dish at home. It might be a multi tier cake or a complex cocktail. 

Have a competition to see who can take the best pictures of a simple meal. 

Fitness Freak

Get matching workout clothes and have some fun taking pictures.

Create a couples workout video. 

Try a new workout class and post a fast-forward video of you working out to be THAT couple. 

Pet Parent

Visit your nearby zoo or animal sanctuary. 

Take your pet for a hike by a scenic lake.

Buy matching outfits for and your pet.

The Traveler

Go for a road trip.

Visit a national park for a camping trip. 

Plan a vacation somewhere that isn’t popular, then document your whole journey.

The Social Butterfly

Plan a party together. 

Host an Instagram themed night. 

Go for an outing at a nightclub or festival.

Enjoy your date nights together, and don't forget to tag @couplyapp when you post it!

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