Couply Relationship Advice Podcast

Zara Arshad is an author, couples therapist and perinatal mental health expert with a thriving therapy practice in Ottawa, Canada.

She is the author of: Stronger Together: A Couple’s Guide to Navigating Your Relationship After Baby.

Couples relationships are often tested with the arrival of children. In this episode, Zara and Tim breakdown what new parents can expect and how previously dormant attachment styles in the relationship may erupt. Zara and Tim also discuss how our values impact our parenting styles in ways that our partner might not expect!

Expect to learn: relationship advice for new parents; how couples can to navigate the postpartum world; important conversations to have with your partner prior to having a baby; the conversations to regularly have after a baby and so much more...

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0:00 Introductions

0:04:10 Zara's experience with her first baby.

0:09:05 Zara's pandemic experience with her second baby.

0:13:05 Zara dealing with her own relationship struggles post-baby.

0:19:00 How attachment styles showing up after couples have kids

.0:33:30 Can a baby fix a relationship?

0:35:34 How does resentment show up in relationships?

0:47:10 How values show up in relationships.

0:55:10 Zara shares beautiful moments from having kids in her relationship.

1:00:30 Zara's workshops, resources and how to reach her.