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Last week, I shared my 3 Secrets to Successful Relationship in a seminar that you can watch here.

The Danger of Overusing Therapyspeak

“Gaslighting, boundaries, people-pleasing, trauma” we’re starting to hear these words a LOT.

In our chat with Joe Nucci this week we dove deep into 10 Relationship Psychology Myths, many were around the use and abuse of therapyspeak.

Therapyspeak: the incorrect use of jargon from psychology, especially jargon related to psychotherapy and mental health.

On one hand, it’s so great that many psychological concepts are making it’s way into our every day language! It helps us identify some of the things that make us feel shitty and why they make us feel shitty.

It gives us some concepts to hold on to and know when we are in the right and some things we might need to work on!

On the other, the more we misuse these words, the less important and powerful they become. That friend’s ex who they are convinced is a narcissist… might just be selfish.

I’m curious – are there any psychological concepts that have really helped you? Are there any which you feel like have hindered you?

Let me know below:

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Vancouver: In Bloom Relationship Summit

Couply is a proud sponsor of Real Love Ready, In Bloom. This is the world’s leading relationship summit. I’m going! AND I’d love it if you would attend too.

It’s taking place in Vancouver April 12th -14th.

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This summit features relationship experts Dr. Gabor Maté, Rae Maté, Jillian Turecki, Dené Logan, Shaun Galanos, Dr. Jess O'Reilly, Dr. Jody Carrington, John Kim, Vanessa Bennett, and Todd Baratz.

You can get a discount using your code COUPLY15 below and you’ll save over $150.


Toronto Event: Relationships x Start Ups

Justin Lee, Kristina Virro and Tim Johnson (me)

If you’re in Toronto, please consider this your invite to attend our event.

»It’s FREE and tickets are running out… secure your ticket here.

We have two amazing speakers;

Kristina Virro: is a therapist and founder of Fresh Insight Psychotherapy & Nutrition. She is also a content creator who has built an audience of 110K+ on Tiktok and her great mental health and relationship advice has been featured internationally in the press.

Justin J. Lee: is Tiktok's favourite divorce lawyer! He shares some fantastic relationship insights from his unique perspective. Justin has built an audience of 300K+.

Tim Johnson: It’s me 👋 the founder of Couply! As I think you know… we’ve helped over 400K couples improve their relationship and I’ve learnt quite a bit along the way.

New Podcast Episode: 10 Relationship Psychology Myths: Joe Nucci Therapy

The newest Podcast episode has dropped, this time Joe Nucci and Tim debunk common relationship myths.

If you haven’t seen Joe’s content in instagram before, you’re in for a treat. He doesn’t hold back and is on a mission to destroy the world of psychobabble.

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Respecting Boundaries

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Relationship Expectations

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