The beginning of a new relationship is filled with excitement, passion, and constant displays of affection. But as time goes on, it’s easy to slip into boring routines and lose the romance that once came so naturally.

If you find yourself wishing your partner was more romantic, you have the power to spark positive change. With some thoughtful effort, you can reignite the flame and help your loved one remember all of the little reasons why you fell for each other in the first place.

Why Romance is Important in a Relationship

Romance helps couples reconnect with the passionate feelings that brought them together initially. It counteracts the natural tendency to get overly comfortable and neglect fostering intimacy. Thoughtful gestures and surprises keep partners feeling valued and adored. Playfulness and creativity prevent boredom and ruts from dimming the spark. Ultimately, romance communicates devotion - that your partner is still worth thoughtful effort and seduction.

Understanding Your Partner's Love Language

To romance your partner in more meaningful ways, understand their primary "love language" - the way they best perceive and express love. The five love languages are: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service and gift giving. Discover your partner's love language and tailor romantic gestures accordingly. For example, regularly hold hands and cuddle if their language is touch. Verbalize your feelings more if they crave words of affirmation. When you speak your partner's language, they feel most loved.

How To Be More Romantic in Your Relationship

Here are 12 tips to increase the romance, passion and thoughtful gestures in your relationship:

1. Leave Unexpected Love Notes

Hide sweet love notes around the house for your partner to discover - slip one into their wallet, suitcase or lunch bag. Express your feelings and appreciation for them. Mention favorite memories you cherish. This shows you’re thinking about them when they least expect it.

2. Bring Home Their Favorite Treat

Stop by the store or café to pick up their favorite dessert, candy, coffee drink or snack to brighten their day. Present it with a kiss when you reunite after work. The gesture demonstrates you pay attention to the little things they love.

3. Plan Regular Date Nights

Don’t let busy schedules and routines destroy date night traditions. Maintain excitement by planning a variety of romantic outings - candlelit dinners, slow strolls under the stars, ballroom dancing, massages, and more. Show them they’re still worth special effort.

4. Leave Voicemails Expressing Love

Hearing your partner's voice is uniquely comforting. Leave voicemails when they least anticipate it - not just returning calls but simply to say hi, that you miss them, listing things you love about them or reminiscing on favorite memories.

5. Give Small Sentimental Gifts

Let little gifts show you’re attuned to their interests - concert tickets to see their favorite musician, signed books by their cherished author, indie films they’d enjoy. Giving thoughtful surprises reminds your partner they’re special.

6. Keep Things Fresh in the Bedroom

Don’t let intimacy become stale and predictable. Initiate trying exciting new things in the bedroom to keep passionate sparks flying - new positions, romantic toys, risque roleplaying. Make them feel irresistible.

7. Recreate Special Moments

Revisit restaurants, activities, or destinations where you shared blissful times before - your first date spot, first vacation locale, where you got engaged. Relive the euphoria and reminisce fondly. Show you remember precious moments.

8. Give Compliments Freely

Don’t just assume they know you find them smart, charming and beautiful. Verbalize it freely! Offer sincere praise about qualities you admire to boost confidence - and say thank you when they compliment you.

9. Initiate Physical Touch

Don’t always wait for them to initiate hand-holding, cuddling and other affection. Make small moves to stay physically connected - a hand graze here, a caress there. Intimacy strengthens bonds. Surprise them by initiating romantic interludes.

10. Craft Romantic Surprises

Make ordinary days more extraordinary with romantic surprises - draw them a scented bath by candlelight, leave a trail of rose petals to the bedroom, cook their favorite meal dressed up fancily. Little wonders keep passion thriving.

11. Have a Signature Song

Pick a song with special meaning for just the two of you - the first dance song from your wedding, a chorus that sums up your love. Make it "your jam." Play it sometimes just because it reminds you of them.

12. Keep Courting Each Other

Don’t stop courting each other just because you’re committed. Plan regular romantic gestures to continuously prove your dedication - candlelit dinners, slow dancing in the kitchen, foot rubs after long days. The little things matter.

In conclusion, with some playfulness, thoughtfulness and creativity, you can become more romantic and deepen intimacy. Simple consistent efforts to make them feel special cultivate an environment where passion flourishes. By actively working to strengthen bonds and becoming more expressive with affection, you can reignite that honeymoon magic.