How do we balance being our own person and a unit in relationships? How is desire unlocked by differentiation? Why do we crave closeness even when it can stifle our relationship? We dive in to uncover these secrets with none other than Dr. Jessica Higgins. Dr. Jessica Higgins is a legend. She’s the host of The Empowered Relationship Podcast which is one of the longest running relationship-advice podcasts . She’s a world-renowned relationship coach, licensed psychologist with her PHd in Clinical Psychology and she is the creator of the Connected Couple. Dr. Jessica helps couples and individuals transform pain and struggle into deep love, connection, and vitality! In this episode we discuss differentiation, connection and so much more. It's not one to miss! Listen to Dr. Jessica Higgins Empowered Relationship Podcast here: Get in touch with Dr. Jessica Higgins: Download and discover Couply: Tune in now: Recorded on: Fri, 19 May 2023 21:59:59 GMT