How about a classic romantic dinner with a twist for a date idea?

You and your partner will question each other on different possible and impossible scenarios.

This is a fun and unique date idea that will get you and your date talking about what's truly important to you.

They can be serious, silly, or downright ludicrous. Trying to figure out what you would do in that situation is the point of this game.

Start the date by taking a seat together in the most cozy yet romantic location you can find. The atmosphere and tasty food are more important on this date than how you appear. If doing so means sitting on the floor of your living room in your pajamas, then so be it. Make sure you and your partner select a main dish you both enjoy, but be a little daring and ask your partner to try a new dish you enjoy and ask them to do the same for you. Be lively, accommodating, and compromising. The goal of this part leading up to the actual date is to communicate what you both like and want in a romantic dinner date and work together towards making those desires a reality.

The questioning can start now that you are all settled in and prepared. Ask your partner, "What would you do if...?"  After that, go over the scenario and talk about how to respond to, handle, and resolve it with one another. This is in order to improve your conflict resolution skills. In order for your questions to be authentic and uncurated, I would advise against coming up with them in advance. If you feel better about doing it in advance, go ahead.

The following are some possible questions:

- What would you do if you didn't know why I was mad with you?

- If Tom and Jerry moved in next door to us, what would you do?

- What would you do if we won an all-expenses-paid vacation to any destination in the world?

- What would you do if we were stuck on a desert island together?

- What would you do if you could switch lives with someone for a day?

- What would you do if we had to plan a surprise party for each other?

- What would you do if I wake up and don't remember you?

Remember, both of you should ask questions and be asked. Have fun while being respectful and understanding. This date is an excellent opportunity to learn more about your partner's preferences, dreams, and sense of adventure.

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