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July 2023

We try to constantly improve Couply for you to enjoy! We’ve got some exciting updates for you this week…

Our couples quizzes, relationship games and questions help bring Couples closer together.

🙌  3 New Articles on the Couply Blog

Discover Our Latest Relationship Articles in the Couply blog. We've got you covered with our brand new articles featuring valuable advice and practical tips. 

 🔓 5 Ways to Build a Relationship with an Avoidant Partner

  • Attachment styles play a significant role in our relationships. Are you currently dating an avoidant partner?
  • For those seeking a deeper understanding, explore the Attachment Style course available in the Couply app. 

🌴 5 Summer Resolutions for Romance 

  • Should resolutions only be for new year? Summer is here, so let’s commit to fanning the flames of romance with these 5 summer resolutions. 

🗣😥 7 Steps to having a difficult conversation 

  • Having a challenging conversation with your partner can be nerve-wracking, but it's an essential part of nurturing a healthy relationship. 
  • That's why we're here to guide you through the 7 steps to successfully navigate those difficult conversations. 
  • Get deeper understanding this with the Enhancing Communication course in the Couply app, supported by couples therapist Dr. Shemena Johnson and Nuroscientist Dr. Lisa Batten. 

10 New Couples Courses now in Couply! 

We teamed up with the awesome radcoaches for the Merging Finances course in Couply! 

💰Merging Finances

This course features financial experts the radcoaches! The radcoaches are finance coaches who specialize in helping couples. Ready to merge your finances? Learn how to navigate the financial landscape as a couple with the insightful Merging Finances course. 💸

🔥Sensual Secrets

 Unlock your deepest desires with the new Sensual Secrets Course! Learn sensual techniques to spice up your relationship. 💑

The beloving a bookworm course is all around you and your partners love for reading! Try the quizzes and see what kind of readers you and your partner is!

📚Beloving a Bookworm

 Calling all bookworms! 🤓 Dive into the Beloving a Bookworm course and discover how to connect with your partner through literature. 📖

🔓Getting Kinky 

 Explore new boundaries with your partner in the exciting Getting Kinky course. Get ready to unleash your wild side! 😈

🎯 Setting Goals

Ready to crush your goals together? The Setting Goals Course will guide you and your partner on the path to success. 🏆

Plan your dream life together with our Setting Goals course.

💞Core Values

 Discover the core values that strengthen your relationship in the enlightening Our Values course. Strengthen your bond and build a love that lasts. 💪

🌙Setting the Mood

 Set the perfect mood for romance with the enchanting Setting Mood course. Ignite passion and create unforgettable moments. 🌹

Try the couples quiz in "Gym Freaks" to see what kind of a gym goer you and your partner are!

💪Gym Freaks 

 Get fit together! Level up your fitness game with the invigorating Gym Freak Course. Sweat it out and grow stronger as a couple. 💪

🎓Dating in University 

 Navigate University romance with the Dating in University Course. Master the art of balancing love and your academics. 🎓

💑Sexual Intimacy

 Take your intimacy to new heights with the groundbreaking Sexual Intimacy course. Discover new ways to pleasure and connect with your partner. 💋

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New Features 

We're constantly updating Couply to make it the best app for couples in 2023! See what we've added to this release:

🔀 Questions Now Automatically Moves Ahead

 Say goodbye to manual scrolling! Enjoy the convenience of auto-scrolling in the question list once you've answered. 📜

🔔 Stay in sync with your partner's journey. 

Receive instant notifications when they switch courses or explore new paths. 🔄

🌐V1 of Couply Community Tab

For now, we’ve moved articles, relationship and custom date ideas over to the new community tab. Soon we plan to build out the Couply community and connect you with other couples in a fun way 🤝❤️

What else is new? 

🎙️We’re prepping for season two of the Couply podcast!

⏪ Catch up on Season One of Couply: Relationship Advice podcast. 

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