Looking for inspiration to explore new things with your partner in new places?

We know that taking a road trip is a great way to run away from life stresses, get some relaxing time with your partner, and to make space to know each other better…

but what if the goal of this trip was to test your naughty limits?

Set an evening aside with your partner to plan out your route and accommodations, but keep in mind what your goal is. Consider the trip there, what vehicle you’ll take, where you will stop, where you will sleep, and if you would be willing to get a little touchy in any or all of those locations. Even just planning the trip might be enough to create some delicious sexual energy between you and your partner and get you revved up for trying new things.

Hitting the road with a whole new purpose can be incredibly exciting. Your overnight locations might be the most comfortable for you to get frisky, and that’s okay, but who knows, you and your partner might find yourself looking for opportunities and places to test your limits. You may just surprise yourself with how creative and spontaneous you get. 

Regardless of the risk levels you hit on your trip, getting out on this mission will create some incredible, lasting memories that will help strengthen your bond and heat up your sex life!

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