Did someone crop dust in here, or is that just the sweet scent of lasting romance? 🌹

Love is in the air... and sometimes, well, other things.

This week, we're celebrating the messy, real side of relationships! You know, the part where comfort reigns supreme and letting loose (literally) is a sign of trust and connection.

That's right, we're talking about farting in front of your partner.

You'd better believe it - turns out the real secret to a rock-solid relationship is the ability to share a giggle (and maybe a potent gas cloud) with your one and only.

According to a recent survey:

1. Farting freely 💨

Couples fart freely around each other after just 6 months on average (3 months for you frisky youngsters)

2. Love confessions 💘

But it takes 3 whole months to actually say "I love you"

3. Toothbrush sleepovers 🦷

Leaving a toothbrush at their place? 5 months of sleepovers first

4. Tearful moments 😢

Crying in front of your partner is a 5 month milestone

5. Barefaced beauty 💄

And ladies, you're going makeup-free around month 2

But before you pinch your nose and run, hear me out. There's some serious science behind why those flatulent couples seem so darn happy.

You see, whenever you and your boo share a laugh (like after an accidental trouser cough), your brains get flooded with oxytocin - the "love hormone." It's like a chemical hug that screams "I feel SO comfortable with you, I don't have to hold in ANYTHING."

That level of vulnerability and trust? Total relationship glue. If your partner can embrace your smelliest quirks with zero judgment, you know you've got a keeper.

Of course, tooting in tandem is just the tip of the intimacy iceberg...So don't be afraid to let it all out - both figuratively and literally.

Happy (and gassy) relationship building! 💨

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